Common questions about Neptune Rigid Core Waterproof Floors

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  • I know that Neptune is a Rigid Core product but will imperfections in my subfloor show through?

    One of the key benefits to Neptune Rigid Core over traditional LVT is the fact that minor subfloor imperfections will not telegraph through. This helps save time and money in subfloor preparation compared to LVT.

  • Is Neptune safe?

    Neptune is safe! Today, flooring products are being introduced into the market that are filled with toxic chemicals which are then released into your home, but you can rest assure that Neptune is safe! Neptune Rigid Core is Ortho-Phthalate Free and is free from formaldehyde. Neptune has been given an A+ for Indoor Air Quality and has been given a FloorScore Certification . So, when you choose to have Neptune Rigid Core Waterproof flooring installed in your home or office, you can have the peace of mind in knowing that your floor is not polluting the air!

  • What are the benefits of Neptune Rigid Core vs real hardwood?

    Neptune is a waterproof wood alternative flooring product that can be installed over a variety of substrates including concrete and wood. It can also be installed above grade; on grade; or below grade giving it tremendous versatility over hardwood flooring. Once a traditional hardwood floor is installed, it is important to keep the environment (humidity/temperature) stable to keep the wood from expanding and contracting. Neptune eliminates these concerns giving you a worry-free floor! And Neptune’s patented drop and tap locking system creates a water-tight seal once locked in place creating a truly waterproof floor!

  • Where can I purchase Neptune?

    Neptune can only be purchased through your local retail flooring store. Neptune is a proud supporter of local businesses that strive to make your flooring experience one to remember. Please visit our dealer locator to find a retailer near you.

  • How do I maintain my Neptune floors?

    • Sweep or vacuum daily using soft bristle attachments.
    • Clean up spills and excessive liquids immediately.
    • Damp mop as needed and use cleaners recommended with no-wax or oil.
    • Use proper floor protection devices such as felt protectors under furniture.
    • Use a mat at entrance ways (please ensure the mat doesn’t have rubber backing).
    • Do not use abrasive cleaners, bleach or wax to maintain the floor.
    • Do not drag or slide heavy objects across the floor.